How to import Sales Tax on transactions into QuickBooks Online

Using the Zed Axis import utility you can import transactions into QuickBooks Online with Sales Tax on them. This article specifically relates to US editions of QuickBooks Online for guidelines for importing Value Added Tax VAT (UK) or Goods and Services Tax GST (Canada, Australia) please refer to this article.

Method 1: Provide relevant Tax Codes and let QuickBooks calculate the Tax Amounts (Recommended)
  • At the line level - LineTaxCodeRef - this is either TAX or NON and determines if the line item is taxable or not
  • At the footer level - TxnTaxCodeName - Name of the State, County or City Tax and rate to be applied to the transaction. (eg Sales Tax, Tucson, etc...)
You have also the option to set the Total Tax and the Tax Line Amount and Tax Percent
Method 2: Set the Tax Codes used, % rate and calculated Tax Amount
  • At the line level - LineTaxCodeRef - this is either TAX or NON and determines if the line item is taxable or not

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