Import Transfer Funds into QuickBooks

Overview of importing transfer funds

In QuickBooks Desktop a transfer funds transaction is used to record the movement of money or funds between bank accounts. With Zed Axis you can import transfer funds transactions into QuickBooks from text and Excel files in batch. 

Steps to import transfer funds into QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the steps to browse to the file that contains your transfer funds details, map the fields as described below and then import directly into QuickBooks.

  1. Connect Zed Axis to your QuickBooks Desktop company file
  2. Click on the Browse button and select the file that contains the transfer funds you want to import
  3. Create a mapping between the columns in your import file and the fields into QuickBooks Desktop
  4. Click Import and the transfer funds will imported directly into QuickBooks company file

Where the fields appear into QuickBooks Desktop


Detailed description of the fields that you can map

QuickBooks FieldFormatDescription
Txn DatedateThe date of the transfer, If you leave Txn Date out the mapping, the date of the last transaction will be used.
Transfer From AccountStr 159Full Name of the Bank account you are transferring from
Transfer To AccountStr 159Full Name of the Bank account you are transferring to
ClassStr 159Class to be used for the transfer
AmountAmtMonetary amount for the transfer
MemoStr 4095Additional information

By Steve Batten



How to add Currency and Exchange rate ?


Zaher Alimam (7/22/2019 at 8:44 AM)
Hi Zaher, Sorry Currency and Exchange rate are not supported by the QuickBooks API for the Transfer Funds transaction, if they do add it we will add it to Zed Axis asap. Steve
Steve (4/2/2020 at 11:57 PM)