Import price discounts into QuickBooks POS

You can import price discounts on items into QuickBooks POS from text or Exel files using Zed Axis.  Follow these steps:

QuickBooks POS fieldTypeDescription
Price Discount NameStr 200Name for the price discount
Price Discount ReasonStr 30Reason for the price discount
CommentsStr 300Description for the price discount
AssociateStr 40The employee making the price discount
Price Discount TypeEnumThe type for the price discount (values : YPercentOff, BuyXForY, BuyXGetYPercentOff)
Is InactiveBoolWhether the price discount is active of not (true or false)
Price Discount Price LevelsStr 12
Price Discount X ValueInt
Price Discount Y ValueFloat
Is Applicable Over X ValueBooltrue or false
Start DateDate
Stop DateDate
Item NameStrName of the item
Item Inventory Department StrDepartment for the item
Price Discount Item UOMStrUnit of measure for the item