Import price adjustments into QuickBooks POS

Import price adjustments into QuickBooks POS from text or Excel files using Zed Axis
  1. Open your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file and connect Zed Axis to it
  2. Click on the Import tab and browse to the location of the Excel or text file that you wish to import
  3. Add a mapping and map the columns in your import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Point of Sale
  4. Click import and Zed Axis will create the inventory items price adjustments directly in QuickBooks Point of Sale
Price Adjustment into QuickBooks POS
QuickBooks POS Field Format Description
Price Adjustment Name Str 32 The name assigned to the price adjustment
Comments Str 300 Description of the price adjustment
Associate Str 40 The employee making the price adjustment
Price Level Number Enum Price level to apply to value 1 to 5
Item Name Str Name of the inventory adjustment to apply the price change to
Item Inventory Department Str Name of the department for the inventory item
Price Adjustment New Price Amt New price for the item