Import customers into QuickBooks POS

Import customers into QuickBooks POS using Zed Axis from text or Excel files.  Follow these steps
  1. Open your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file and connect Zed Axis to it
  2. Click on the Import tab and browse to the location of the Excel or text file that you wish to import
  3. Add a mapping and map the columns in your import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Point of Sale
  4. Click import and Zed Axis will create the customers directly in QuickBooks Point of Sale
Sample import template for a customer list Customer Template
Description of the fields on a customer list you can import:
QuickBooks POS Field Format Description
CompanyName Str 41 The name of the business
CustomerID Str 40 The ID for the customer
CustomerFullName   First Name and Last Name
CustomerDiscPercent float The discount percentage for the customer
CustomerDiscType enum What type of discount ie None, PriceLevel, Percentage
CustomerType Str 15 Category for the customer
Email Str 99 Email address for the customer
IsOkToEMail Bool  Whether OK to email customer (true or false)
FirstName Str 30 First name for the customer
Is Accepting Checks Bool Whether accepting checks from customer (true or false)
Is Using Charge Account Bool Whether the customer has charge account (true or false)
Is Using With QB Bool Whether data is used with QB Desktop (true or false)
Is Rewards Member Bool Whether is a rewards member (true or false)
Is No Ship To Billing Bool Whether to ship to billing or not (true or false)
Last Name Str 30 Last name of the customer
Notes Str 245 Notes for the customer
Phone Str 40 Primary phone number for the customer
Phone2 Str 40 Alt phone 2
Phone3 Str 40 Alt phone 3
Phone4 Str 40 Alt phone 4
Price Level Number Enum Price Level discount (ie 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Salutation Str 15 Formal reference ie Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr.
Tax Category Str 20  
Bill Addr.... Str Billing address fields for the customer
Default Ship Address Str 32 Str
Ship Addr... Str Shipping address fields for the customer
Ship Address Name Str 32  

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