Import transfer slips into QuickBooks POS

Overview of importing transfer slips into QuickBooks Point of Sale

If you need to move inventory items between QuickBooks Point of Sales store then you would use a Transfer Slip.  It is possible using Zed Axis import utility to take inter store transfer data held in a spreadsheet or text file and import that into QuickBooks Point of Sales.

Steps to import transfer slips

Follow these steps:
  1. Open Zed Axis and connect to your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file
  2. Browse to the Excel or text file that contains the Transfer Slip data that you wish to import.
  3. Create a mapping between the columns in your import file and the fields in QuickBooks POS.
  4. Finally click import and Zed Axis will import those directly in.

More help?

Where the fields appear in QuickBooks POS

Detailed description of the fields

QuickBooks POS fieldTypeDescription
Ref NumberStr 11Reference Number for the Transfer slip, used to group rows together on the same transfer slip transaction.
AssociateStr 40The employee entering the transfer slip
CarrierStr 15Shipping company used to transfer the inventory
Comments2000 charsDescription of the transaction
FreightAmountPriced charged by the shipping carrier
FromStoreNumberIntStore number the items are being transferred from
SlipETADateEstimate time of arrival as destination store
ToStoreNumberIntStore number the items are being transferred to
TxnDateDateDate of the transaction
TxnStateEnumIndicates if the transaction is complete (Normal) or is a held (Held) document
WorkstationIntWorkstation number the transaction was made from
ItemNameStrName (desc) or the Item being transferred
ALUStrAlternate Lookup for the Item being transferred
ItemInventoryDepartmentStrDepartment for the item
QtyQtyQuantity of the item being transferred
SerialNumberStr 25Serial Number for the item being transferred
UnitOfMeasureStr 20Unit of Measure for the item
UPCStr 50Univeral Product Code for the item being transferred



Why in the mapping of Transfer slip does not show the transfer slip?
why does It create too many slips in the POS?

Chour Touch (11/23/2019 at 4:32 AM)
Hi Chour, To group the rows together use a common Ref Number that way rows will appear on the one Transfer slip.
Steve (6/9/2020 at 3:06 AM)