Import inventory cost adjustments into QuickBooks POS

You can import inventory cost adjustments into QuickBooks POS from text or Excel files using Zed Axis. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file and connect Zed Axis to it
  2. Click on the Import tab and browse to the location of the Excel or text file that you wish to import
  3. Add a mapping and map the columns in your import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Point of Sale
  4. Click import and Zed Axis will create the inventory items cost adjustments directly in QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks POS FieldTypeDescription
AssociateStr 40The name of the employee making the inventory cost adjustment
CommentsStr 300The description for the cost adjustment
Inventory Adjustment SourceEnumThe action that made the adjustment (Manual, PhysicalInventory, or Assembly)
QuickBooks FlagEnumWhether data has been export to QuickBooks (NotPosted, Completed, Error or UnbilledPurchases)
ReasonStr 8Pre-defined reason for the adjustment (Cycl Cnt, Vend Chg, Prc Line, Seas End, Annual, Shrink, Stolen, Damaged, or New Item)
Store NumberintThe number of the store making the adjustment
Ref NumberStr A reference number for the cost adjustment used by Axis to group rows together on the same transaction does not appear in QB POS user interface
Txn DateDateDate of the adjustment
Work StationIntThe workstation number making the adjustment
Item NameStrName of the inventory item being adjusted
Item Inventory DepartmentStrDepartment name for the item
New CostAmountNew cost for the item being adjusted
Unit Of MeasureStr 20Unit of measure for the item