Import vouchers into QuickBooks POS

With Zed Axis you can import receiving and return vouchers into QuickBooks Point of Sale from text and Excel files.  Follow these steps to import:
  1. Open your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file and connect Zed Axis to it
  2. Click on the Import tab and browse to the location of the Excel or text file that you wish to import
  3. Add a mapping and map the columns in your import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Point of Sale
  4. Click import and Zed Axis will create the vouchers directly in QuickBooks Point of Sale
More about vouchers
In QuickBooks Point of Sale there are two types of vouchers, receiving vouchers are used to record the receipt of items into inventory when a shipment arrives from a vendor, and the other is a return voucher that records the return of items previously received into inventory such as damaged or over supplied goods, this reduces the inventory level.
POS Voucher Import
Description of the fields on a voucher you can import:
QuickBooks POS Field Format Description
Associate Str 40 The employee making the voucher transaction
Comment Str 2000 A description of the voucher
Discount Amt The amount of discount available on the transaction
Discount Percent Float The percentage discount available on the transaction
Fee Amt Fee for the voucher (ie special handling)
Freight Amt Price charged by the shipping carrier
Invoice Date Date The date shown on the voucher
Invoice Number Str Mandatory Reference number for the voucher
PayeeListID Str The name of the vendor 
Purchase Order Number Str The purchase order number to link the voucher too
QuickBooks Flag Enum Whether the transaction has been posted to QuickBooks (values: NOT POSTED, COMPLETE, ERROR)
Store Number Int The store number for the voucher ( ie  1-10) only when using Multistore POS
Terms Discount Float The discount percentage
Terms Discount Days Int Number of days prior to due date to receive the discount
Terms Net Days Int Vendors payment date
Txn Date Date Date of the transaction
Txn State Enum Indicates if the transaction is complete or held (values: Normal, Held)
Vendor Name Str Mandatory The name of the vendor
Voucher Type Enum The type of the voucher (values: Receiving or Return)
Workstation Int The number of the workstation the voucher was made
ALU Str20 Alternate Lookup for the item
Attribute Str12 Field used to describe the attribute (ie color, pattern, material)
Cost Amt Cost of the item
Item Name Str Mandatory Name of the item
Item Inventory Department Str Mandatory Department for item
Desc2 Str Secondary description for the item
Extended Cost Amt Extended amount of the line item ie Quantity x Cost
Qty received Quan Quantity of the item received or returned
Size Str 12 Size of the item
Unit Of Measure Str 20 Unit of measure for the item
UPC Str 18 Items unique UPC/EAN/ISBN identifier

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