Import sales orders into QuickBooks POS

Follow the steps in this article to import Sales orders in batch from Excel or text files into QuickBooks Point of Sale using Zed Axis.
  1. Open your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file and connect Zed Axis to it
  2. Click on the Import tab and browse to the location of the Excel or text file that you wish to import
  3. Add a mapping and map the columns in your import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Point of Sale
  4. Click import and Zed Axis will create the sales orders directly in QuickBooks Point of Sale
Import sales order into QBPOS
Description of the fields on a sales order you can import:
QuickBooks POS Field Format Description
Associate Str 40 The employee making the sales order
Cashier Str 16 Name of the employee taking the sale
Instructions Str 2000 Description of the transaction
Customer Full Name Str Mandatory The Full Name of the Customer
Discount Amt The amount of discount available on the transaction
Discount Percent Float The percentage discount available on the transaction
Price Level Number Enum Number of the price level to apply to the transaction ie 1,2,3,4 etc
Promo Code Str 10 Special sale and promo code
Sales Order Number Str Reference number for the sales order
Sales Order Status Desc Str Status of the order (ie OPEN, CLOSED or a custom status set in company preferences)
Sales Order Type Enum Type of sales order  (possible values SalesOrder, Layaway, WorkOrder, WebOrder)
Ship Date Date The date the sale shipped
Tax Category Str 20 Tax Location for the sale (refers to the Tax Location list in QB POS)
Txn Date Date Date of the sales order
Ship Address....   Shipping address details (see more here)
Sales ALU Str 20 Item alternate lookup code, to match using this field please select the option in the more options settings
Sales Associate Str 40 The employee making the line sale
Sales Attribute Str 12 Item characteristic ie color, pattern, material etc..
Sales Commission Amt Commission amout for the item
Item Name Str Mandatory Name of the item
Item Inventory Department Str Department for item
Sales Desc2 Str Secondary description for the item
Sales Discount Amt Amount of discount to the line
Sales Discount Percent Float Percentage discount for the line
Sales Discount Type Str 32 Reason for the discount
Sales Extended Price Amt Extended amount of the line item ie Quanity x Price
Sales Price Amt Sale price of the item
Sales Quantity Quan Quantity of the item sold
Sales Serial Number Str 25 Serial number of the item sold
Sales Size Str 12 Size of the item
Sales Tax Code Str Tax location for the item
Sales Unit Of Measure Str 20 Unit of measure for the item
Sales UPC Str 18 Items unique UPC/EAN/ISBN identifier

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