Import sales receipts into QuickBooks POS

Overview of importing Sales Receipts into Point of Sale

In QuickBooks Point of Sale a Sales Receipt is used to record a sale or return of a product or service to a customer.  Using Zed Axis you can import sales receipts in text, excel and IIF files into QuickBooks POS.

Steps to import sales receipts

Follow the standard steps for importing a file using Zed Axis,
  1. Make a connection to QuickBooks Point of Sale, 
  2. in the import tab browse to the file that contains the sales receipts that you would like to import into QuickBooks Point of Sales.
  3. map the columns in your import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Point of Sale.  
  4. Finally click import and your sales receipts will be imported directly into QuickBooks Point of Sale

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Watch a demonstration of how to import sales receipts into QuickBooks POS

 Where the fields appear in QuickBooks Point of Sale


Description of the fields on a sales receipt you can import:

QuickBooks POS FieldFormatDescription
AssociateStr 40The employee making the adjustment transaction
CashierStr 16Name of the employee taking the sale
CommentsStr 2000Description of the transaction
Customer Full NameStrMandatory The Full Name of the Customer
DiscountAmtThe amount of discount available on the transaction
Discount PercentFloatThe percentage discount available on the transaction
Price Level NumberEnumNumber of the price level to apply to the transaction ie 1,2,3,4 etc
Promo CodeStr 10Special sale and promo code
Sales Order NumberStrRefers to the linked sales order
Sales Receipt NumberStrReference number for the sale receipt
Sales Receipt TypeEnumType of sales receipt values (Sales, Return, Deposit, Refund, Payout, Payin)
Ship DateDateThe date the sale shipped
Store NumberIntThe number of the store values (1 -10)
Tax CategoryStr 20Tax Location for the sale (refers to the Tax Location list in QB POS)
Ship Address.... Shipping address details (see more here)
Ship ByStr 50The shipping method
ShippingAmtThe amount to be paid for shipping
Sales Receipt ALUStr 20Item alternate lookup code, to match using this field please select the option in the more options settings
Sales Receipt AssociateStr 40The employee making the line sale
Sales Receipt AttributeStr 12Item characteristic ie color, pattern, material etc..
Sales Receipt CommissionAmtCommission amout for the item
Item NameStrName of the item
Item Inventory DepartmentStrDepartment for item (only used if a unmatched Item needs to be created) use a constant value of System as default value
Sales Receipt Desc2StrSecondary description for the item
Sales Receipt DiscountAmtAmount of discount to the line
Sales Receipt Discount PercentFloatPercentage discount for the line
Sales Receipt Discount TypeStr 32Reason for the discount
Sales Receipt Extended PriceAmtExtended amount of the line item ie Quanity x Price
Sales Receipt PriceAmtSale price of the item
Sales Receipt QuantityQuanQuantity of the item sold
Sales Receipt Serial NumberStr 25Serial number of the item sold
Sales Receipt SizeStr 12Size of the item
Sales Receipt Tax CodeStrTax location for the item
Sales Receipt Unit Of MeasureStr 20Unit of measure for the item
Sales Receipt UPCStr 18Items unique UPC/EAN/ISBN identifier
Amount Tender AmountAmtMandatory Amount paid by the customer
Account Tip AmountAmtAmount of gratuity paid to employee
Cash Tender AmountAmtAmount of cash paid
Check NumberStr 32Check number
Check Tender AmountAmtAmount paid by check
Credit Card Tip AmountAmtAmount of tip paid by credit card
Debit Card CashbackAmtAmount of cashback paid by debit card
Debit Card Tender AmountAmtAmount paid by debit card
Deposit Tender AmountAmtAmount paid by deposit
Gift Certificate NumberStr 32Gift certificate number
Gift Tender AmountAmtAmount paid by gift certificate
Gift Card Tender AmountAmtAmount paid by gift card
Gift Card Tip Amount Amount of tip on gift card payment

By Steve Batten

Identifying Items uses Name, Size and Attribute if mapped to make it more accurate in specifying the Item that is sold on the Sales receipt

Troubleshooting common errors

Error - The receipt is not balanced. Undefined amount is....
This error indicates that the Amount of the Sale (ie the Sales Receipt Extended Price (qty x price) and including Sales Tax does not equal the Sum of the Tender amounts.  To resolve this issue please ensure that the Tender Amount = Sales Amount (including Sales Tax)