Mapping to the field "Is Tax Included" in QuickBooks 2008/09 Australia, New Zealand, UK 2008 not recognised

DESCRIPTION:When using Zed Axis to import transaction data into QuickBooks 2008/09 or higher Australian and New Zealand & UK 2008 editions the field "Is Tax Included" is not imported.  As a result amounts include tax in the imported data will appear as not including tax after being imported to QuickBooks.

In the 2008/09 Australian and New Zealand release of QuickBooks, importing data to the field "Is Tax Included" is not functioning when addon products import data into QuickBooks.  This feature is working in the 2007/08 release and prior.  Reckon (Australian QuickBooks publishers) are aware of the issue, we are not expecting a fix for this issue in the short or medium term (as at April 2010)

We recommend any of the following:
  1. If your amounts are all standard for each item let QuickBooks assign the default price for the item and just import the item code and quantity ; or
  2. We have introduce a new feature in Zed Axis version 4 to address this issue using the convert gross amounts to net option, this will automatially convert your rates or amounts to net of tax prior to import which means they will then be calculated correctly in QuickBooks.