Import bill payments into QuickBooks Online

You can import bill payments directly into QuickBooks Online from text files and Excel files using Zed Axis.  Follow these steps:
  1. Open Zed Axis and connect to your QuickBooks Online company file
  2. Browse to the Excel or Text file that contains the Bill Payment transactions you want to import into QuickBooks Online
  3. Create a mapping between the columns in your import file and the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Online, and save that to use next time.
  4. Click Import and your bill payment transactions will be imported directly into QuickBooks Online
Import bill payments into QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Online FieldFormatDescription
Doc NumberStr 21MANDATORY FIELD - Bill Payment Reference number, duplicate Doc Numbers are accepted in QuickBooks, see also Auto Numbering
Txn DatedateThe date of the bill payment, If you leave Txn Date out the mapping, the current date in QuickBooks Online will be used.
Department Ref Location of the transaction
Currency RefStrReference to the currency used by the transaction
Exchange RateStrCurrency Exchange rate, only if company file is set to use Multi-Currency, recorded in number of home currency units
Private NoteStr 4000User entered, organization-private note about the transaction. This note will not appear on the transaction records by default.
Line Discount AmountDecimalThe amount of the discount
Line Discount Percent  BasedBooleanTrue if discount is a percent, False if based on amount
Line Discount Percent Percentage by which amount due is discounted for 8.5% use 8.5
Line Discount AccountStrAccount used to track discounts
Vendor RefStrFull name of the vendor or payee
AP Account RefStrSpecifies the payables account (must be liability and payables type)
Pay TypeStrThe payment type (values Check or CreditCard)
Bank Account RefStrBank account if Check pay type
PrintstatusEnum(values NotSet, NeedToPrint, PrintComplete)
CC Account RefStrCredit Card account if CreditCard pay type
Total AmtDecimalThe total amount of the bill payment
Apply to Bill RefStrThe reference number of the bill being paid


By Steve Batten


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