Why do I need to reactivate Zed Axis periodically

Occurs:  Periodically Zed Axis prompts me that my trial has expired and that I need to activate it to continue using it, this is after having successfully activated previously.
Cause: Zed Axis uses a software piracy protection system that ensures that the software is not copied or used illegally.  This system recognizes the computer hardware and system that it was installed on.   Occasionally the identifiers for the hardware and machine change and this causes the license to become deactivated.  This may be due to hardware replacement, changing the system clock, illegally moving the Zed Axis installation, or can occur if you are using virtualization software.
Solution: Normally if you reactivate Zed Axis using your serial number then you will be able to continue using Zed Axis, if you encounter an activations exceeded message please login into the My Licenses and you have the option to reset your license count. If the problem persists regularly then it is due to the way you have your operating system setup and will require you to reconfigure that so that the hardware and machine ids are not changed.  We do also permit you to transfer the license to another machine if you need to.