Paypal will not accept my credit card

If you are trying to purchase a software license on the Zed Systems website using a credit card, however your credit card is being declined.  Paypal process all our payments and occasionally will decline a credit card for security reasons.  If you are sure that you have entered all the details correctly then we recommend that you refer to this troubleshooting list to determine why the card may be declined:
  • Check that the name you enter for the payment matches exactly the name that is printed on your credit card.
  • Check that you have sufficient credit available on your card.
  • Check if you (or the card holder) already have a Paypal account and your credit card number is already associated with a Paypal account, Paypal may require you to login into your account in order to process the card payment.
  • Clearing the browser history, cache and cookies and a restart can also help if the payment process is not completing
If your card continues to be declined please contact Zed Sales Support so we can provide an alternative payment method
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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