How to merge two cells into one in Excel

Problem:  In your Excel spreadsheet that you wish to import you have two cells that need to be merged into one, for example you have a column for First Name and another column for Last Name, but you need that to appear as Full Name.
Solution: Use the CONCATENATE function in Excel this will combine two cells into one, so create a new column and call it Full Name then use the formula shown in the cell to create a  full name.  A2 is the cell that contains the First Name and B2 contains the Last Name  the parenthesis and space inserts a space between the two. 
= CONCATENATE( A2, " ", B2)
To apply the formula to all row just copy the formula down.


Possible to CONCAT an entire multi-line address? I'm guessing I would need to force line breaks. How would I do that?
Sean McGown (9/8/2017 at 3:27 PM)