Error connecting to QuickBooks due to corrupt QuickBooks interface

When Zed Axis attempts to connect to QuickBooks but is unable to establish a connection, it may be caused by a corrupt or unsupported QuickBooks interface. If you have been unsuccessful in troubleshooting the issue then we suggest you refresh the QuickBooks interface files.  Follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall QuickBooks and reboot your machine.
  2. Delete the folder and its contents called  Program Files (x86)\Common\Intuit\QuickBooks or alternatively rename the folder to QuickBooks_OLD .  (If you get a permission error use the Windows Task Manager to stop any QuickBook related processes and then rename the folder)
  3. Check in the Program Files folder for files remaining from a previous QuickBooks installation and delete them.
  4. Reinstall the supported QuickBooks version
  5. Start Zed Axis and attempt to connect again

If this problem persists after this then we suspect that a Windows setting or permission based issue is impacting the QuickBooks interface.  You can either try installing on a different PC to see if that also has the issue or reformating and reinstalling Windows with the default user settings has resolved connection issues previously.