Error connecting to QuickBooks due to corrupt QuickBooks interface

When Zed Axis attempts to connect to QuickBooks but is unable to establish a connection, it may be caused by a corrupt or unsupported QuickBooks interface. If you have been unsuccessful in troubleshooting the issue then we suggest as a last alternative to refresh the QuickBooks interface files.  Follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall QuickBooks and reboot your machine.
  2. Delete the folder and its contents called  Program Files (x86)\Common\Intuit\QuickBooks or alternatively rename the folder to QuickBooks_OLD .  (If you get a permission error use the Windows Task Manager to stop any QuickBook related processes and then rename the folder)
  3. Check in the Program Files folder for files remaining from a previous QuickBooks installation and delete them.
  4. Reinstall the supported QuickBooks version
  5. Start Zed Axis and attempt to connect again

If this problem persists raise a ticket with support.

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