How to import inventory site bin locations into QuickBooks


It is possible in the Advanced Inventory addon of QuickBooks Enterprise to import inventory site and bin locations on transactions into QuickBooks using Zed Axis.  You must have the Advanced Inventory switched on and the option Track Locations with Inventory Sites selected. As shown below

Once imported the Site and the Bin location will appear as on the invoice below: 
Import Bin location
When you are importing Site and the Bin Location you need to specify the Site Name and the Full Name of the Bin Location so for example a Bin called Bin 1001 at the Site of Head Office the the full name of the Bin would be Head Office:Bin 1002
So in your mapping you need to map both field with data as below:
InventorySiteRefFullName = Head Office
InventorySiteLocationRef = Head Office:Bin 1002
You can import the Inventory Site Bin Location on the following transactions in QuickBooks. 

Troubleshooting common errors:

Error message: Site cannot be set on non-inventory line items.
This error occurs when you have mapped a item that is a non-inventory type (ie not recorded as physical stock) hence it is not possible in QuickBooks to record the location of the item