Import AffinityLive invoices into QuickBooks

If you are using AffinityLive and you need to import invoices into QuickBooks (for Windows) then using Zed Axis and the steps described in this article you can achieve that.  This article has been developed in partnership with the team at AffinityLive.
  1. Firstly you need to export the invoices from AffinityLive that you wish to import into QuickBooks
  2. Login to your AffinityLive account on the web and mouse over the menu for Accounts,and select the Show All option.
  3. In the table of invoices filter for the invoices that you wish to export click the Export button.
  4. An Excel file will be generated, save a copy locally on your PC.
<<Insert AffinityLive Screen Shot of List of Invoices>>
  1. Open your QuickBooks company file and Zed Axis and click connect.
  2. Select the import tab and browse to where you saved the AffinityLive invoice file, once open you will see a preview of the invoices that will be imported into QuickBooks.
  3. Select the field mapping, if this is the first time you can use one of these mapping templates, download the mapping file and import it into Axis
    1. AffinityLive Invoice Map
    2. AffinityLive Customer Payment Map
  4. Now click the Import button and your transactions will be directly added to QuickBooks.