Error: Transaction reference numbers disappearing in the preview grid

Error: Transaction reference numbers in an Excel sheet disappear in the preview grid. 

Cause: The preview grid in Axis uses Excel, unfortunately more recent versions of Excel have an auto convert feature built in which converts text values to numerical, when Excel come across a field that contains a non-numerical character it just decides to hide it.

Resolution: You can try to fix this in a few ways on your Excel sheet:
  • Insert an apostrophe in front of the first transaction reference number value ie ('21766) and copy down for the first transaction reference number, save the sheet and then retry the import. This will stop the auto conversion feature.
  • Copy and select Paste Special as Text for the column that contains the Transaction Reference Number.
  • Save the sheet as a tab delimited text file MS-DOS



I think in relation to this issue. there other way to fix them

Select the whole column and format as text

It will fix the issue


Chanh Minh Tieu (2/3/2016 at 12:16 AM)