How to import custom fields on transactions into QuickBooks

Custom field data can be imported on Invoices, Sales Receipts and Sales Orders at the Item Level and on the purchase side Bills, Vendor Credits, Checks, Item Receipts, Credit Card Charges and Credit Card Credits when importing into QuickBooks using Zed Axis you can do that by either mapping the Field Name and Field Value or using automatic propagation.
Custom field defined

Method One: Mapping the value

To import in the transaction map the following fields.  So for example if you want to import a custom field of Yellow into the Color custom field you would set the CustomFieldName1 = Color and the CustomFieldValue1 = Yellow
QuickBooks Field Format Description
CustomFieldName1 Str Name of the Custom field 1 ie Color
CustomFieldValue1 Str Value for the Custom field 1 ie Yellow
CustomFieldName2 Str Name of the Custom field 2
CustomFieldValue2 Str Value for the Custom field 2
CustomFieldName3 Str Name of the Custom field 3
CustomFieldValue3 Str Value for the Custom field 3
If you need more than 3 custom fields at the row level then you also have the Other1 and Other2 fields available, you will need to make those visible on the QuickBooks Template in order to see those in QuickBooks.
Note: This is for Custom Fields at the Item line level, for custom fields to appear at the header level (ie Customer) you should look at using automatic propogation or the Other and FOB fields

Method Two: Automatic propagation

This is achieved by making sure that the custom field values are already assigned to the respective list item (ie item, customer, vendor) prior to importing the transaction, see more on importing custom field lists, then when the transaction is imported the Custom field value will appear by default alongside the item, customer or vendor.  This is called automatic propagation.  
If you want to see this in action create an invoice in QuickBooks then add an item that you know has custom fields values assigned to it and you will see the custom fields and respective values automatically appear (make sure you are displaying the custom fields on the template).  The same automatic propagation happens when Axis imports transactions.


Error - The specified custom field cannot be used by the list or transaction element - The error is due to the custom field that you are importing is not associated with the Name or Item you are importing it against.  So for example you have a custom field for a customer but the custom field is only associated with an item.  You an resolve this by setting up the custom field to be associated to the Name as well as the Item. 


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We have Zed Axis version 10.2. When I go to import invoices using the Import Type 'Invoice', I do not see CustomFieldName or CustomFieldValue options in the list of Quick Books field mapping options?
Nick Barber (July 2, 2017 at 10:56 PM)
There's no option for custom fields for inventory assembly items.
Frimet Guttman (January 4, 2018 at 7:13 PM)
You can import them but you need to use the import type as Custom Fields list
Steve (January 21, 2018 at 7:07 PM)
Is the custom field limited to 3 only in Zed Axis? I have like 10 custom field for customer is their a way to import the rest? thanks
Wise Biz (February 4 at 9:55 PM)

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