Import receive money into Xero

You can import receive money (bank transactions - receive) into Xero from text, Excel and IIF files into Xero using Zed Axis.  Follow these steps:
  1. Open Zed Axis and connect to your Xero company file
  2. Click on the import tab
  3. Browse to the file that you wish to import into Xero
  4. Create a map between the columns in your import file and the corresponding fields in Xero, a detailed explanation of the fields are included below.
  5. Click import and your data will be imported into Xero as receive money.
Here is a description of the fields that you can import on a receive money.
Xero Receive Money

Xero field   Description
Contact name   Name of contact (customer)
Line Item Description   Description of the sale
Line Item Quantity   Quantity sold (cannot be negative)
Line Items Unit Amount   Item price (must be greater than 0)
Line Items Account Code   Account code used on sale
Line Items Tax Type   Tax type used on the sale (see Tax Types)
Line Items Amount   Line amount
Bank Account Code   Bank account for the money received
Date   Date of Transaction in the format YYYY-MM-DD
Reference   Reference for the Money received transaction
Currency Rate   Exchange rate to base currency
URL   Url link to source document
Status   Transaction status code (ACTIVE)
Sub Total   Total of transaction excluding tax
Total Tax   Total tax on transaction
Total   Total of transaction including tax
Error: The document total does not equal the sum of the lines
This error occurs when the Total value of the Receive Money transaction does not match the calculated total of the Line Items Amount.  In order to successfully import into Xero this is required to match the calculation made by Xero.  In some instances please make sure that if Exclusive amounts are being imported that the calculated amounts once tax is applied round to 2 decimal places.

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