How to import transactions into QuickBooks

You can import transactions from text files or spreadsheets directly into QuickBooks using Zed Axis software.  Follow these steps to import transaction data.

  1. Download and install a copy of Zed Axis software onto your computer.
  2. Login your QuickBooks company file as an Administrator
  3. Double click on the Zed Axis icon on your desktop, the software will open and you will see the main screen of the software shown below.

  4. Select the text file of spreadsheet you want to import using the Browse button
    1. If you are importing a text file select the file delimiter either comma, tab, pipe or fixed.
    2. If you are importing an Excel spreadsheet you will need to choose the worksheet which contains the data you want to import
    3. If on the first row of the import file you have column headers then check the box Header row, this will help when setting up the mappings 
  5. The first time you import a file you will need to set up a Mapping of the columns in the spreadsheet or the text fields to the corresponding QuickBooks fields, you can save or edit mappings for subsequent imports
  6. To Preview your data prior to importing click on the Preview button and the data will be shown in a grid.
  7. Finally to start the import click on the Import button, your transaction data will be validated and then imported directly into QuickBooks. 

For more assistance search the Knowledge Base, watch one of the movies in the Learning Centre or raise a ticket with Zed Support