Import customer invoices into Xero

You can import customer invoices (Accounts Receivable) into Xero from text, Excel and IIF files into Xero using Zed Axis.  Follow these steps:
  1. Open Zed Axis and connect to your Xero company file
  2. Click on the import tab
  3. Browse to the file that you wish to import into Xero
  4. Create a map between the columns in your import file and the corresponding fields in Xero, a detailed explanation of the fields are included below.
  5. Click import and your data will be imported into Xero as customer invoices.

 Xero field Format Description
Contact Name   Contact name as it appears in Xero
Line Item Description   Description of item sold
Line Items Quantity   Quantity of the item sold
Line Items Unit Amount   Cost of an item
Line Items Item Code    
Line Items Account Code   Account code to be used for a item sold
Line Items Tax Type   Used to override the default Tax Type
Line Items Tax Amount   Used to override if the calculated Tax Amount is not correct
Line Items Line Amount    
Date   Date the invoice was raised needs to be in the format YYYY-MM-DD
Due Date   Date the invoice is due
Invoice Number   Alpha numeric code to identify the invoice
References   Additional reference number
Url   URL to link to the source document
Currency Code   The currency the invoice has been raised in
Sub Total   Total of invoice excluding taxes
Total Tax   Total tax on invoice
Total   Total of invoice (including tax)

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