How to connect to Xero

To establish a connection between Zed Axis and Xero please follow these steps.   Before you start you will need to have completed the following:
  • Created an Xero account
  • Be connected to the internet
  1. Open Zed Axis and click on the Connections tab
  2. In the Xero Connect group click on the Connect button.
  3. Zed Axis will open a browser and automatically go to the Xero login screen, type in your Xero username and password and select the name of your organisation from the drop down list and click Authorise (see below)
  4. Xero will display an authentication code, copy and paste that code into the Zed Axis screen and click OK, the token is stored for the current session to a maximum of 30 mins, once you disconnect you will need to get another token repeating the steps above.
Xero authentication

The Xero access token has been revoked – The token that Axis uses to connect to Xero may no longer be valid, this could have occurred because the token expired after 30 mins of use or a Xero user requested that the token be cancelled.  You will need to reopen Zed Axis and attempt to connect again, it may require a reboot if you continue to experience the same error.

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