QuickBooks Error Message: could not load string. Check status

Occurance:  When importing transactions into QuickBooks using Zed Axis the import fails and the  QuickBooks Error Message: Error could not load string. Check Status is displayed

Cause: QuickBooks was unable to import the transaction because there was a field missing that QuickBooks requires to successfully create the transaction.  Unfortunately more specific details of the cause is not explicitly provided by QuickBooks, this may indicate a catch all exception.

Resolution:  Please check the following to determine the likely cause

  • That the transaction you are trying to enter does not require a custom field to be entered, the best way to check that is to manually enter the transaction into QuickBooks with the same data you are importing and see if QuickBooks is able to successfully save the transaction, if not then QuickBooks will tell you which data is missing.  To address this modify the custom field list settings for that field to be not required on transactions.