Error: Invalid combination of product name, serial number and password

Occurs: When trying to activate the Zed Axis software the activation process fails and the message "Invalid combination of product name, serial number and password" is displayed.

Cause: Either the serial number, the password or the wrong version of Zed Axis is installed, and the activation process will not proceed.

Resolution:  Please check the following:
  1. Incorrect version of Zed Axis - Ensure that you have the correct version of Zed Axis installed, serial numbers are for a specific version of Zed Axis, when you purchased the software an email was sent that details the serial number and version it is for.  Click here if you need to download an older version of Zed Axis.
  2. Incorrect serial number - We recommend that you cut and paste the serial number into the activation screen as it is easy to make a mistake when typing in the serial number.
  3. Incorrect password - When you first activated the software you chose a password to ensure the security of the key, please enter the password that you chose, if you have forgotten the password please follow these instructions to reset it.