Error: The name ".." of the list element is already in use

Occurs: When importing transactions such as Invoices, Sales Receipts, Checks, Bills etc the import will fail and the message The name "...." of the list element is already in use is displayed.

Reason: When Axis is importing transactions into QuickBooks and it finds that the Full Name (ie Customer, Vendor, Employee etc..) does not exist it will create that name at the time of import, however if the name already exists in another list in QuickBooks or the name is used as sub level see Full Name (ie ACME:Smith) then QuickBooks will not permit Axis to create that name and the import will fail.  This is a restriction of QuickBooks as it will not permit and identical name in appearing in two lists ie cannot have a Customer and a Vendor with the same name ACME Inc.

Most QuickBooks users will append the name with a punctuation mark to differentiate the two names ie a Customer called ACME Inc and a Vendor called ACME Inc.  Alternatively you can select the option to skip list validations in the import options area.


I only have one occurrence of the name as a vendor. Still gives error when creating check
Mendel Boykin (7/24/2017 at 2:56 PM)