Error: Access to path ..... is denied

Error: When importing into QuickBooks using Zed Axis the import stalls part way through.  In the log file there is a message similar to "Access to path C:\Users\Public\Documents\Zed\Axis 8\LOG\TI_Request50.xml' ís denied."

Cause: It is likely that real time anti virus scanning software (ie Trend Micro) is scanning files created by Axis during the import process, and locking them.  This is causing Axis to produce an error during the import process.

Solution: To stop the anti virus software from scanning the files created by Zed Axis during the import process.  When configuring the anti virus solution changes the settings as follows:
  • Exclude the folder and sub folders C:\Users\Public\Documents\Zed
  • Add an exceptions for the application TransactionImporter.exe located in the Zed Program files folder.