How to setup a constant

When importing data into QuickBooks and your import file does not contain a specific field or data, then Axis provides a way to set a constant value.  When setting up a mapping you can set a constant value to a specific QuickBooks field, then when the data is imported Axis will apply that values to all rows.

For example you would like all invoices you are importing to apply to a QuickBooks class called Head Office.  In the example below in the invoice mapping the Class field has been set to a constant value of Head Office, you can apply constants values to any field and they will be saved along with the map for subsequent imports.


Set a constant

In order to set a constant in Axis follow these steps:

  1. In Axis open the file that you wish to import into QuickBooks. 
  2. Select the map that you wish to use or create a new map.
  3. Enter the constant value opposite the QuickBooks field that you would like to use.
  4. Save the map and in the preview panel you will see the field and the constant value applied to all rows.
  5. Import the file and the constant value will be imported.