How to connect to QuickBooks Online

Note: 18 August 2020 -  Intuit no longer support Internet Explorer please use Chrome or Firefox as your default internet browser

In order to establish a connection from Zed Axis to QuickBooks Online you need to have completed the following:
  • Created a company file with QuickBooks Online at
  • Installed a copy of Zed Axis 14 or greater
  • You have an Internet browser installed
  • Have an internet connection
  • Your QuickBooks Online login is the Master Administrator, Company Administrator, Accountant, Standard User (QBO Advanced only) user of the company file
  • QuickBooks Online is not having an outage click here to check
  1. In the Connections tab in Axis select the option to connect to QuickBooks Online, and click the Connect to QuickBooks button. 
  2. Axis will open a browser window, in that windows click the button Intuit Connect to QuickBooks. and follow the prompts to sign in to QuickBooks Online
  3. If you have more than one QuickBooks Online company file select the company you wish to connect.
  4. Copy and Paste (CTRL + V) the 3 tokens (Access, Refresh and RealmID) displayed on the screen into Zed Axis and click Save
  5. Finally a connection will be made and the name of the file displayed in the Axis status bar (connections will remain for 180 days before expiring, or prior to if you click the Disconnect button).


Error message: Unhandled exception "Could not load file of assembly 'System.Net.Http'.....
This error occurs when the latest version of the Microsoft .Net Framework has not been installed on the PC that Zed Axis is running on.  Please download and install the latest version of the .Net Framework from this page, then reboot your PC and try to connect to QuickBooks Online again.
Script Errors: You may encounter script errors when connecting to QuickBooks Online via Zed Axis, dismiss the warning messages and the connection will continue and will not affect Zed Axis connecting successfully to QuickBooks Online.
Error Message:  Method not found
This error affects users on Vista or Windows 7 and is due to not having the latest Microsoft .Net Framework (4.6.2 or above) installed and an up to date version of Internet Explorer, which Zed Axis need to securely connect to QuickBooks Online.  Please download and install the latest Microsoft .Net Framework from here. Once installed restart your PC and try to connect again.
Error Message: Error Authorizing Request Token
This error is caused by the security settings used by your local copy of Internet Explorer.  To avoid this error message edit your Internet Explorer settings. Internet Options > Security tab and select Trusted Sites, and click the Sites button and add the following website * click Add , and if checked, uncheck Require server verification (https) for all sites in this Zone. You can also add * to the Internet Explorer pop-up blocker.  In Internet Explorer go to Internet Options > Privacy and in the Pop-up blocker section, click Settings and add * to the Exceptions list. Use TLS 2.0 and 1.0
Error message: OAuth context missing
This error indicates that Zed Axis does not have a valid access token to connect to QuickBooks Online, either the token has expired or has not been stored correctly.  Please close Zed Axis clear the Internet Explorer cache and try to connect again.
Error message: User already connected
When connecting to QuickBooks Online you get an message that another user has already connected. QBO only permits one user to have a connection, in order for another user to connect you first need to disconnect QBO from Zed Axis.   To do that login to QBO and click on the Apps menu then select the MyApps tab and where Zed Axis is listed click Disconnect.  You can then retry to connect using Zed Axis.  If that does not work please raise a ticket and quote your the login name that you would like disconnected and we will do that from our end.
Process hangs on Signing In: If you have entered your login credentials and clicked the Sign In button and the process shows Signing In.. and then hangs there indefinitely.  
We have been advised by Intuit support that they have a bug in the QuickBooks login screen the is causing this error.  They are aware of the issue and are working on fixing this in the next release of QuickBooks Online due mid October 2016.  they suggest that the workaround is to Enable Compatibility Mode for Internet Explorer


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I go through the process, (do get a script error - but select yes). The rest of the process continues satisfactorily, and indicates CONNECTED. ...but when I start QB-On-Line, seect the company "connected", and go to my apps - ZED-AXIS does not appear.
Phillip McGregor (January 7, 2017 at 9:08 PM)
Chnaged the company - and ZED-AXIS now appears. ...but when I launch I get a HT-404 error.

The ONLY company file that app appears is on MY Accounts File - ie not when I select a client. Does this mean I cannot run from my accounts log-in, selecting a client to work on their file? I actually perform many of these tasks on BEHALF of the client - from my accountants log-in

Phillip McGregor (January 7, 2017 at 10:03 PM)

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