How to import shopping cart fields

Overview of how to import shopping cart fields

Specifically designed for eBay and Amazon order export formats you can add a column in the mapping file for Freight, Insurance, Discount and Sales Tax amounts that can be added to Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Estimates, Invoices, Credit Memo, Bills and Check type maps.
When mapped Axis will create a new line in the transaction for that associated item and amount.
Shopping cart fields

Steps to setup shopping cart fields

Follow the steps to set up:
  1. In the import module click on the More options button.
  2. Select from the drop down lists the items in QuickBooks that you would like the Freight, Insurance, Discount and Sales Tax (see above) amounts to be assigned to and click OK.
  3. In the mappings screen at the end of the maps are new fields for Freight, Insurance, Discount and Sales Tax, select the column in your import file that contains the amounts.
  4. Save your mapping and import the file and these items will be added to the sale in QuickBooks
Shopping cart field mapping


When importing Discounts they can only be dollar amounts and not a discount percentage.
For orders that have multiple lines the columns that contain the shopping cart fields should have the amount in the last row as that is which row Axis uses to read the amount