How to search and replace when importing

Overview of the search and replace function

In the import module in Axis you have the option to set up a search and replace function that will search through your import data for certain terms and replace with the correct terms of strings. Functions are saved to mappings and can be used on subsequent imports.

Follow these steps

To set up a function follow these steps.
  1. When editing a mapping in the third column select the drop down list to Add a new function and give the function a name.
  2. In the column labeled Search For select the terms that are in your import data that you would like to replace. Then in the adjacent column labeled Replace With, type in the term that you would like to replace with, you can have multiple search and replace terms.
  3. Click OK and the function will be saved to that mapping. When done you will return to the preview pane the function will replace any matching terms prior to import.

  • Search terms use case sensitive matching (ie use of Capitals and lowercase characters) so please make sure you match the case exactly  (ie Smith and smith search terms are different)
  • Need to replace a search term with an empty value or search on a empty value and replace with a term, that feature has been added to V15


The function feature should be expanded/enhanced to truncate numbers/characters so that imported numbers that exceed field length can be truncated to fit in the allowed space.
MICHAEL ESPARZA (8/16/2017 at 3:28 AM)
Hi Michael, thanks for the feedback - we have a new Trim type function coming in V15 that will do that.
Steve (12/7/2020 at 5:38 AM)