Troubleshooting an MYOB ODBC connection

If you have installed MYOB ODBC Direct and have set the connection details for your MYOB file but you are unable to connect from Zed Axis to your company file, review the following troubleshooting list:

  • Test that the MYOB company file that you want to connect to is activated
  • Ensure the company file that you have defined is located in the location you have selected.
  • Check the version of the MYOB ODBC Direct driver. You may have upgraded your MYOB company file and not your MYOB ODBC Direct driver. Locate the latest version of the MYOB ODBC Direct driver and upgrade.
  • When running Zed Axis you will need to run it with elevated permissions, right click over the Axis icon and select the option to Run As Administrator, or in the Zed Axis program files folder right click on the file called TransactionImporter.exe and select Run As Administrator.
  • Use the MYOB Test Connection utility, double click on the file located at C:\MYOBODBCAU10\bin\iwinnt called TestConnection.exe

If you are still having problems connecting to your MYOB company file, please raise a ticket with Zed Systems support describing the steps you have taken.

Here are some of the more common errors and explanation and possible causes:

ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified - Axis is trying to connect to MYOB Account Right but has been unsuccessful at determining the version of the ODBC driver that is currently installed.  Please reinstall the MYOB ODBC driver and ensure if you have an anti virus application running that you have added the Zed Axis application as an exception.