Import group items on invoices into QuickBooks

If you need to import group items (group items are special types of QuickBooks items they group together individual items that you often sell together for example a Decorating Kit consisting of Paint, Paint Brushes and Pots) on invoices into QuickBooks using Zed Axis then you need to map your data to different items fields than you would for other standard items types as QuickBooks handles these imports in a different way.

When setting up your import mapping for an invoice transaction in Zed Axis you need to map your data to the following fields:
Import Group Items
 QuickBooks Field  Format Description 
 Item Group Name  str 31 The name of the Group Item sold on the invoice 
 Item Group Quantity  quan The quantity of the Group Item sold
 Item Group Unit Measure  str31 The unit of measure of the Group Item
  • The Item Group Name should be a separate column from the ItemRefFullName
  • You can map both ItemGroup and Items on the same transaction but they cannot be on the same row


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How about if my group items are different amounts each time, where can i map the amounts for each item in the group?
Jacob Neuman (October 3, 2018 at 9:27 PM)

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