How to transfer mappings in Axis

If you need to transfer mappings from one installation of Axis to another you can do that using the import and export mappings features that are in Axis V7 and above.  Follow these steps:
  1. In the import module in Axis select the mapping that you would like to transfer and then click the export button.
  2. Save the exported mapping to a location that you can reach from the installation of Axis that you wish to import into.
  3. Open the other installation of Axis and go into the import module.
  4. In the mapping drop down list select the option to Import mapping.
  5. Select the mapping file that you previously saved and click Open, the transferred mapping should now appear in the mapping list.
If you are unable to open the instance of Axis that you want to export the maps from then there is another way to retrieve the maps although we do not officially support this method.  The mapping files are stored in this folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\Zed\Axis copy the contents of this folder to the new instance of Axis and replace any files there with the older files.  

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