Error: MYOB Unable to determine if import has finished

Error message: Unable to determine if import has finished.

Cause: When importing into MYOB and no response is received from MYOB that the import was successful then the error message Unable to determine if import will be shown in the import summay screen in Axis.  This is caused by either:

  • There are insufficient permissions to write to the MYOB company file, which will typically occur the first attempt to import into MYOB and will occur consistently for each subsequent import. or
  • There is insufficient system memory or the interface to MYOB has become overloaded, with no response from MYOB the system will time out.


To troubleshoot this issue please try the following:

  • When you run Axis make sure that you Run as Administrator option, (right click over Axis icon), with UAC on.
  • Make sure that you have MYOB company file open and in multi user mode
  • If you are connecting using an DSN less connection try to setup a connection using a DSN connection as described here.