Error: Insufficient permission level to perform this action

Occurence:  When using Axis to import into QuickBooks, the import fails with the message Error 3260 "Insufficient permission level to perform this action".

Reason: Axis is trying to perform an action in QuickBooks that it does not have the sufficient permission level to do, and the process has been blocked by QuickBooks.  Axis uses one of the QuickBooks Logins to connect to the company file and if that Login has not been granted full access then it may be restricted, or in the Integrated Application tab in the Company Preferences section Axis may have not been provided the full access that it needs.

Resolution: Please edit the permissions for the user account that Axis uses to allow permissions for the action that it is performing.  Follow these steps in QuickBooks:

  1. Open QuickBooks using the Admin login and switch to single user mode.
  2. Go to Edit > Preferences and selected the Integrated Applications tab and highlight Zed Axis in the list of integrated applications, click Properties.
  3. Make sure that Axis has sufficient Access rights and check the Login name used.
  4. In QuickBooks check that the user account that Axis uses has sufficient write permissions, ie it may need to create Customers, Employees, Vendors, Items etc..
  5. Save the changes and reattempt an import.