Using Zed Axis over Remote Desktop Services

You can install Zed Axis on a Windows Server (2019, 2013, 2012, 2010 & 2008) and make it possible for a remote user to log into the Windows Server and access the servers desktop, the installation of Zed Axis and QuickBooks and control it as if it was installed locally.  This feature in Windows Server is called Remote Desktop Services (formally known as Terminal Services), we have tested the configuration for the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), however we have not been able to get this to successfully run when using RemoteApp (.rdp).  Please note that one instance of Zed Axis can only used by one user at a time, it is not designed to operate concurrently in a multi user environment.
For more information about Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server we recommend that you contact your network administrator, hosting provider or find more information on the Microsoft web site.

Troubleshooting tips
  • Exception when clicking on Import, Export or Automate tab - This is likely to be caused by Axis having insufficient permission to validate the license files, that are contained in the folder C:\ProgramData\Zed\Axis 14 (note substitute the version number for your release version)(unable to see the ProgramData folder follow these instructions to view hidden folders), you will need to modify the folder permissions on this folder so that all windows users have Read and Write access permissons.
  • Mappings are not saved or not available when another user logs in and opens Zed Axis - The mappings are stored in the folder C:\ProgramData\Zed\Axis check to make sure that the folder permissions for the Users accounts have Read and Write access to this folder and the files contained.

  • Install QuickBooks and Zed Axis using TS Install Mode - Axis requires some resources that are stored in the Public Documents folder which may require elevated permission to read and write.
  • Provide the user with elevated permissions if you run into errors whilst running Axis in Remote Desktop Services.
  • Error: The setup must update files or services that cannot be updated while the system is running - This occurs when a file that Zed Axis needs to launch is locked or in use by another user.  That may be because another user is using Zed Axis on the server or has not shut down completely Axis.  Ask the other user to close their instance or proceed with the setup to reinstall the required file.


Hi - good advice about install and use in RDS environment. But a question about licensing. Our customer who is evaluating for a simple Invoice import uses RDP to deploy all apps. There will only be one user who does the QB import. What license do I need?


Andrew Green (8/25/2015 at 10:57 AM)
The license is per machine, so one license should be sufficient but please be aware that Zed Axis is not designed to run concurrently.
Steve (9/10/2015 at 11:38 PM)
I use a 3rd party RDP tool (Splashtop) to connect to a dedicated workstation at my office - where I am the only user who logs onto Win10Pro. Zed is on the workstation as is the QB program but the QB data files are on the server. I am curious though that if one workstation were set up with multiple users who could log in, if that wouldn't work better than trying to run the apps from the server. If a different user were already logged in whether locally or remotely, no one else could access the pc until they logged off. Which might not be what Andrew was looking for, but he did say he only has one user doing the import.
Robin (11/22/2019 at 4:05 AM)
We use it on RDP server where QB is hosted - works aok.
Richard Carman (5/29/2020 at 9:35 PM)