How to activate your Zed Systems software


Zed Axis uses activation technology to manage the use of the license according to the terms of the software license, that means that each copy of Zed Axis that is installed or reinstalled will need to have its license validated to ensure it is being used in accordance with the license granted to you.  The validation process involves entering your unique serial number associated with your license, this determines the version of the software, the modules that were purchased with it (ie Import, Import and Export etc..) and the number of PCs that the software is permitted to be installed on.

How to activate

Once you purchase a license for Zed Axis you will receive an email (to the address you used whilst purchasing or associated with your Paypal account)  which includes the license serial number and the detail steps of what you need to to do activate.

  1. Make sure you have installed Zed Axis for the version that you hold a license for, before activation Zed Axis will run in trial mode and when opening you will be prompted to either activate or run the trial, click the option to either Activate either online or by phone.

You can choose to activate your product either by:

Activate Online - The easiest way to activate is via the internet, cut and paste the serial number from the email you received just after you purchased a license into the activation screen. If you do not have internet access or your internet is not allowing you to connect to our server you have the option to activate using the Activate by phone method:

Activate by phone - Click on the phone activation box enter your serial number and then email us a screen shot of the details (serial number and PIN Code) and we will email you the activation code.


Please provide your own password, that will be used if you decide to reactivate the product.


Troubleshooting activation errors:

During activation the process stops reponding or freezes:  Check to make sure the WIndows user has read and write access to the folder C:\ProgramData\Zed\Axis 15.0  (substitute the version number as needed) and that anti virus systems are not blocking the Zed Axis application

Invalid combination of product name, serial number and password. - Please make sure you have the correct version of Zed Axis installed, you can only activate the version that you purchased a license for. You can download older versions of Zed Axis from this page.  Also please check that you have correctly entered your serial number and password, we recommend that you cut and paste those in.

The wrong password. Please verify the password or contact software vendor and try again. - The password that you entered does not match the password you chose when you first activated the software.  If you have forgotten your password please follow these steps.

The number of activations has been exceeded. - You have exceed the permitted number of activations of the product, if you want to use the software on more machines please purchase another license, if you are transferring the license please follow these instructions.

This serial number is blocked. - The serial number you are using to activate has been locked, you will need to raise a ticket with support to resolve this.

Wrong Serial Number or Product Name - Make sure that you have installed the version of Zed Axis that you purchased a license for, your serial number will only activate the version of Zed Axis you purchased.  You can download older versions of Zed Axis from this page.

Sorry. Activation server is unreachable. - Please make sure that you are connected to the internet and that you do not have a proxy server blocking an incoming connection from our activation server.  If this problem persists please try the Telephone activation described above.

Sorry, you have invalid serial number. - Please make sure that you have entered your serial number correctly, we recommend that you cut and paste the number into the activation screen.