Importing addresses into QuickBooks

You can import billing and shipping addresses into QuickBooks in a number of ways using Zed Axis but there are some guidelines when setting up mappings to be aware of to make sure that the address is displayed in the correct format in QuickBooks

Option One: Use the names default address details already in QuickBooks
If the customer, vendor, other or employee name already has address details completed in QuickBooks then you do not need to import address details as the address data will automatically be added to the transaction based on the referenced name.

Option Two: Use a formatted address block
You can import Addr1 through Addr3 along with the other fields of CityStatePostalcode. But you are limited to 5 lines as that is the maximum that you can fit into an QuickBooks address block, if you import more than five lines you will encounter an error.

Option Three: Using a open address block
You can import Addr1, Addr2, Addr3, Addr4, and Addr5 to fully specify the address, but you are not able to use any other fields such as City, State or Postalcode. In this way each of the lines is printed on a separate line on the transaction address block.


QuickBooks field Format  Description 
Addr1 Str 41 The first line of an address block (typically the company or individual name) 
Addr2 Str 41 The second line of an address block 
Addr3 Str 41 The third line of an address block 
Addr4 Str 41 The fourth line of an address block
Addr5 Str 41 The fifth line of an address block
City Str 31 The City line of an address
State Str 21 The State line of an address
PostalCode Str 13 The zip/post code of an address
Country Str 31 The country of an address
Note Str 41 A note that may appear at the bottom of an address block

Troubleshooting Issues:

Modifying a transaction leads to duplication of lines in the address block.  If you are modifying a transaction already in QuickBooks and importing data into the address block you may see some of the address lines duplicated, this is due to the auto formatting that QuickBooks does to address blocks, it recognises City, States, and Postalcodes and reassigns data into the respective fields if a transaction is then modified the address details may be duplicated.  Suggested workaround is to not map address fields when modifying transactions