Importing customer lists into QuickBooks

Overview of importing Customers into QuickBooks desktop

In QuickBooks desktop a customer list is used to record the company or individuals details of those who purchase goods or services from you.  You can import customer lists in batch from text files or from Excel spreadsheets directly into QuickBooks using the Zed Axis software. 

Credit Card Numbers - From QuickBooks 2008 and on wards credit card data exported from QuickBooks using Zed Axis will show partially masked this is in response to security requirements imposed by the card issuing and processing industry.

Steps to import

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your QuickBooks company file as Administrator and open Zed Axis
  2. Select your text file or spreadsheet which contains the customer list that you want to import.
  3. Set up the a Mapping of the columns in your customer list import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks
  4. Click Import and your customers will be directly added to your QuickBooks company file

More help?

For more information about importing customer lists into QuickBooks, search the Knowledge Base, watch the movies in the Learning Centre, or raise a ticket with Zed Support

Demonstration of importing customer lists

Where the fields appear in QuickBooks desktop

Import customers into QuickBooks desktop

Detailed description of the fields you can import


 QuickBooks FieldTypeDescription
Name Str 41MANDATORY - Name of the customer, (or job if a parent exists, not the FullName,  eg Project 101 where full name is ACME:Project 101
Is Active BoolWhether enabled for use (values true or false)
Parent Full Name StrName of the parent (eg for ACME:Project 101 the parent name is ACME)
Company Name Str 41The name of the company
Salutation Str 15Mr. Mrs etc
First Name Str 25 First name of the customer
Middle Name Str 5 Middle name of the customer
Last Name Str 25 Last name of the customer
Bill Address.... StrBill to address block, see importing addresses for more information
Bill Note Str 41Note that appears at the bottom of the bill to address block
Ship Address... StrShip to address block, see importing addresses article for more information
Ship Note Str 41Note that appears at the bottom of the address block
Phone Str 21Phone number
Alt Phone Str 21Alternative phone number
Fax Str 21Fax number
Email Str 1023Email address
Contact Str 41Contact name
Alt Contact Str 41Alternative contact name
Contact NameStr 40Additional contact name (up to 8 times per customer) ie Other 1, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn  more here
Contact ValueStr 255Additional contact value that accompanies the Contact Name field above more here
Customer Type Str 149Customer Type as appear in QuickBooks list
Term Str 31Terms
Sales Rep Str 5Sales reps initial as appears in QuickBooks list
Open Balance AmtOpening balance
Open Balance Date DateOpening balance date
Sales Tax Code Str 3Sales Tax Code for the customer (typically Tax or Non)
Item Sales Tax Code Str 31Default Item sales tax code for the customer (eg San Tomas) must be on the item sales tax code in QuickBooks
Sales Tax Country EnumCountry collecting the Tax (not supported in US edition), must be either Canada, Australia or UK
Re Sale Number Str 15The customers resale number
Account Number Str 99Account number for the customer
Credit Limit AmtCustomers credit limit
Preferred Pay Method Str 31Preferred payment method for the customer (must match payment method list in QuickBooks)
Credit Card Details.... StrCredit card details see more
Job Status enumThe status of the job, only the following values are accepted (None, Pending, Awarded, InProgress, Closed, NotAwarded
Job Start Date dateThe date the job started
Job Projected End Date dateThe date the job is predicted to end
Job End Date dateThe date the job ended
Job Desc Str 99The description for the job
Job Type Full Name str 159Type of job (must match list in QuickBooks) 
Notes str 4095 Notes
Price Level str 31 Price level assign to that customer or job (match Price Level list in QuickBooks)
Currency str 64 Foreign currency, must match list in QuickBooks
Class Class associated with the customer
Job Title Job Title for the contact
CCStr 1023CC email address
Contact NameStr 255Additional contact name
Additional NotesStr 4095Additional Notes
Preferred Delivery MethodEnumPreferred Delivery Method (must be either None,  Email or Fax)
Ship To NameStrName of the additional ship to address ie Ship To Warehouse
Ship To Addr..... Additional ship to address see more on how to import
Ship To NoteStrAdditional ship to address note
Default Ship ToBoolWhether it should be used as the default ship to address (values true of false) 
Tax Registration NumberStrCustomers tax registration number (Non-US QuickBooks versions only)

Need to import Custom fields on Customers? More here

Troubleshooting error messages:

Error: This customer already has job information. - This error occurs because you are importing a Job for the Customer but the parent record has Job information already added into the record.  In order to add a job record you will need to move the project information from the parent record into a new job of its own, then retry the import to create the Job.


How can I add multiple classes for the same customer?
Yoni Liani (5/31/2018 at 7:42 PM)