How to reinstall Zed Axis

To re-install your Zed Axis software please follow these instructions:

  1. Run the Zed Axis installer for the version of Zed Axis that you purchased a license for, if you no longer have the installer then you can download a previous version here.
  2. The first time you run Zed Axis after installing you may need to re-activate the license for that machine.  You will need to enter the serial number that was sent via email, the email was subject line was To activate your Zed Systems software, you will also need to enter the password you chose when you first activated Zed Axis.

Cant recall license serial number - You will need to have access to the email account that your serial number was sent to when you purchased the software, use that email address to signin on this page., if you have not registered for an account previously please register. (if you do not have access to that email account then you will need to create a ticket mentioning the serial number of your software and the new email address you would like to associate it with)

Recovering a broken installation - If your installation of Zed Axis has become corrupt you will need to do a clean installation. First uninstall the broken version of Zed Axis and delete the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\Zed this will remove all settings, then reboot your machine and install Zed Axis using the steps above.

Number of activations exceeded - You may have activated your software more times that the license permits, please check your license, if you need to reset the activation count using the manage my license portal. 

Incorrect version number - Make sure that the version you installed is the same version as the serial number you were sent.

Incorrect Password - If you have forgotten your password raise a ticket and quote the serial number that you were issued.