How to import GST on transactions into QuickBooks

If you need to include GST on Sales or Purchase transactions that you import into QuickBooks (QuickBooks Canada, Australian or New Zealand editions) then Axis provides a way for you to do that. Unfortunately it is not possible to import GST Tax Amounts directly into QuickBooks as QuickBooks does not permit that however it is possible to specify an Sales Tax Code. Once the Sales Tax Code is provided then QuickBooks can make the tax amount calculation. 

When setting up mappings in Axis you need to pay particular attention to the following QuickBooks fields:

Tax Codes into QuickBooks
Sales Tax Code - at the transaction line level (SalesTaxCode). The Sales Tax Code field - Each item or account on a sales or purchase transaction is assigned an sales tax code that indicates whether the item or account is taxable or non-taxable.
Is Tax Included - indicates whether the rate or amount being imported is including tax or is excluding tax, the possible values are true or false
The default options in QuickBooks are shown in the table below however these may be modified so please check you Item Tax Code list in QuickBooks before setting these, if the Tax Code imported into QuickBooks is not found then Axis will report an error. If you do not specify a Tax Code then Axis will use the default tax code assigned to the item or account.

Australian Tax Codes (QuickBooks default)
Item Sales Tax Code Taxable  Description
 GST Taxable  Item is sold domestically and attracts the standard rate of 10%
 FRE Non-taxable Item is sold and is not liable for tax
 EXP Taxable  Item is sold internationally and attracts a zero rate
 NCG Taxable Item is purchased (non capital) domestically and attracts the standard rate of 10%
 NCF Non-taxable Item is purchased (non capital) domestically and is not liable for tax

Canadian Tax Codes (QuickBooks default)

 Item Sales Tax Code Taxable  Description 
 S Taxable Item is bought and sold domestically and attracts the standard GST rate of 6%
 E Exempt Item is bought and sold domestically and is exempt from tax
 G Taxable Good and Service Tax
 H Taxable Harmonised Sales Tax

Rate or Amount - the price or calculated amount of the item being bought or sold, if not mapped then QuickBooks will use the QuickBooks default price or rate associated to that item

Finally Axis has an option to Convert Amounts from Gross to Net if you want to display amounts or rates in QuickBooks as not including tax.  For more information about GST in QuickBooks refer to Intuit Support.

Common Errors

The Preference "Use VendorTaxCode" has not been set - If you receive this error it means that the Vendor preferences in QuickBooks has not been set up to track Tax, in QuickBooks edit the Vendor preferences to track tax on purchases.