How to export iPhone Timesheets to QuickBooks

To export your iPhone timesheets to QuickBooks (Windows only) follow these steps:
  1. Make sure that you have setup the Sync options in the TimeSheets app.
  2. Select Sync from the Tab Bar
  3. Choose to Export all time entries or just those Pending Export
  4. Touch the Export button and a summary of the time entries to be exported will be displayed,
  5. Touch the Email button to create a new email, the time entries export file (Quickbooks.iif) will be attached to the email.
  6. Send the email to your QuickBooks administrator

To import into QuickBooks:
  1. Select the menu File > Timer > Import Activities from Timer.
  2. Browse to the location were you saved the attached export file you sent, it should have an IIF extension
  3. Click Open and the file will be imported into the QuickBooks Timesheets

Error message "You cannot import QuickBooks Pro Timer data for a different company. Please open the correct company file" - Ensure that you have the correct QuickBooks company file open, and that you have entered the Sync details correct into the TimeSheets app.

By Steve Batten