How to speed up the import process


If you find imports into QuickBooks are taking longer than expected, then there are some settings that can be changed that may improve imports. When Axis imports transactions into QuickBooks there are a number of routines that it performs in the background to decrease the likelihood of an error occurring and ultimately the import process failing or only partially completing. So after you click Import Axis does the following:

Data Validations and Auto Correcting

  1. Checks to make sure that you have mapped and provided data for the mandatory fields that QuickBooks needs to create that transaction.
  2. Checks to make sure that all of the data you are importing is in the correct format and does not exceed the maximum length permitted by QuickBooks
  3. Checks to make sure that the Customer, Vendor, Item or Account that you have provided in your import data actually exists in QuickBooks, if it cant find an exact match then Axis will create a new record in QuickBooks.  You can skip this stage by selecting the option Skip List Validation in the Import optionssettings


Optional Settings - if not required you can turn off these features

  1. Skip List Validations - If not selected (ie Unchecked) checks to see if Name, Items or Accounts are matched in QuickBooks, check this option to speed up the import.

  2. Update address and contact details - If selected Axis will update the Customer/Vendor addresses and contact details during the import

  3. Convert Gross to Net - If selected Axis will convert all Gross amounts to Net amounts prior to import.

QuickBooks factors that may influence performance:

  1. The size of your QuickBooks company file - if possible archive and condense your QuickBooks company file.
  2. The amount of activity in the QuickBooks company file - If you are in multi user mode and a lot of other users logged in then you could try Single User mode
  3. The memory and performance of you computer and network - Read more in the article Improving QuickBooks performance

Other factors

Check to see if you have a local or domain controlled anti virus scan running and exclude or whitelist Zed Axis, more here

The time it takes to import transactions is dependent of many of the factors outlined above so it is likely that speed will vary from time to time.