How to duplicate, skip or overwrite existing transactions

You can set an option in the Axis importing options so that in it will either, duplicate, skip it or overwrite if the transaction already exists. (nb the Reference Number must be unique)  According to which option you select then Axis will do the following:

  • Duplicate - when importing transactions and Axis finds that the transaction reference number already exists then Axis will create a new transaction with the same reference number. For example there will be two invoices with the number 1001.
  • Skip - when importing transactions and Axis finds the transactions already exists it will skip importing the transaction. For example invoice 1001 will not be imported if there already is an invoice with a number of 1001
  • Modify (Overwrite) - when importing transactions and Axis finds a transaction already exists with the same reference number it will delete the transaction from QuickBooks and will replace it with the transaction it is importing.  For example the existing invoice of 1001 will be deleted and a new invoice with reference number of 1001 will be created.
  • Append - if a matching transaction is found it will append (ie add to the bottom or any existing lines on the transaction) the line detail that is contained in the within your import file

To set the option, follow these steps:

  1. Open Axis and the import tab
  2. In the group labelled If transaction already exists select either Duplicate, SkipModify or Append.


  • If Autonumbering is selected then the import process will default to the setting of Duplicate
  • When importing Time Entries and Deposits into QuickBooks as there is no reference number so you must map the TxnID and have already imported the transactions previously using that TxnID QuickBooks.
  • In MYOB it is not possible to Overwrite a transaction as the MYOB interface does not support Delete or Update.
  • Overwriting transactions that are linked to other QuickBooks transaction will remove the linking


Is there a way to allow Quickbooks to autofill the estimate or invoice # as it would when you select create new invoice?
Nate (5/2/2019 at 12:25 PM)
Yes select the option for Autonumbering but when you do that you can not overwrite, append or skip.
Steve (2/20/2020 at 10:48 PM)
We need our default import setting to be "Append", but it reverts back to "Duplicate" after we change the mapping or close out of the program. Autonumbering is not turned on. Is there any way to force it to always default to "Append"?
Maggie (7/19/2019 at 6:59 PM)
Did you ever get an answer to this? We have the same issue.
Shannon Josendale (7/1/2020 at 4:17 PM)