How to import Sales Tax on transactions into QuickBooks


If you need to include Sales Tax on Invoices or Sales Receipts that you import into QuickBooks Desktop US editions (QB Online click here) then Axis provides a way for you to do that.  

Unfortunately it is not possible to import Sales Tax Total Amounts directly into QuickBooks as QuickBooks does not permit that however it is possible to specify tax at the following levels, on importing these QuickBooks will make the necessary tax amount calculations for you:

  • Line Item Level - Sales Tax Code (SalesTaxCode) can be Tax or Non to determine whether the item sold is taxable or not.
  • Transaction Level - Item Sales Tax Code (ItemSalesTaxCode) such as State, County or City Tax to determine the rate applied and the tax agency to remit to.
  • Customer Level - Customer Sales Tax Code (CustomerSalesTaxCode) can be Tax or Non whether the customer is taxable or not.

Where Sales Tax fields appear in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Sales Tax Codes

The default options in QuickBooks are Non and Tax however these may be modified so please check your Tax Code list in QuickBooks before setting these, if the Tax Code imported into QuickBooks is not found then Axis will report an error.
  • Non-taxable (Name = Non)
  • Taxable (Name = Tax)

When it comes to determining Sales Tax then QuickBooks will consider if the Customer is Taxable and if the Item is Taxable and make the necessary tax calculation.  For more information about Sales Tax in QuickBooks refer to Intuit Support.

Troubleshooting Common Errors:

Error: The Transaction Sales Tax field cannot be left blank, even for non-taxable customers and sales which have no taxable items in QuickBooks. - This error occurs because QuickBooks requires an Item Sales Tax Code on the transaction

Error: You cannot use the same tax item in both the line items and the txn tax
Check the resolution to this error here



  • Items sales tax codes can also be Sales Tax Groups that are used to calculate and individually track two or more sales tax items, see QuickBooks help for more on this