How to set up a monitor service


As part of the advanced Automate features of Zed Axis you can set up a service to run in the background to automatically monitor a folder for new files in either Text tab delimited (txt), comma seperated values (csv),  IIF and Excel (xls,xlsx) formats files. Matching files are then retrieved and added into the Axis inbox ready for processing by a Rule.

Steps to create a monitor service

To create a new monitor service follow these steps:

  1. In the Zed Axis Automate module, click on the Monitor button on the menu bar.
  2. Click on a new row or the arrrow icon and make the following selections:
    1. IsActive - whether the monitor service is active or paused
    2. Name - give a unique name for the monitor service
    3. Folder - The folder location that you want to monitor.
    4. Period - how often you want the monitor service to check for files
  3. Clicking Add will set up the service and start the monitoring.
  4. Close Zed Axis and reopen it this time not running "As Administrator" and connect to your QuickBooks file.
  5. When a new file is copied to the monitored folder Axis will process it into the Inbox to be processed by a Rule.
  6. Finally the file will be deleted from the folder.

You can delete or change the monitoring service from the Message Monitoring page.

Watch a demonstration of how to set up and monitor and rule