How to change import type
Question asked by Rick Norris - 6/6/2016 at 7:48 PM
I use Zed Axis one time per year for a major import (now is the time)!
 I need to import invoices (a little over a 1,000) into QB online.  I had no problem last year; however,  this year when I get to the import and mapping screen, the only option I get is for an import of a SALES RECEIPT!!
I have searched everywhere....  how do I change the type of import to INVOICE from SALES RECEIPT????
Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Steve Replied
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Hi Rick,
Can you select the option to add a new mapping and you should see a full list of the transaction types and lists that Axis supports importing into QuickBooks Online.
Steve Batten
Rick Norris Replied
Steve: Perfect solution... Been so long that I forgot where to "kick" it to get what I want. Sorry for the trouble.

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