Problem reported by Mike - 5/24/2016 at 2:08 PM
While mapping, I continue to get the following error message.   The name income account of the list element is already in use.   Can anyone help me trouble shot this error.  Thanks

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Steve Replied
Employee Post
Hi Mike,  
Can you please make sure that you have an item called income account in your product and services list and that it is the Full Name for the item as described here
Steve Batten
martin luth Replied
Note that When specifying maps in QuickBooks you will regularly see FullName written after such fields as CustomerJobFullName ,ItemRefFullNameAccountFullName, AccountRefFullNameClassFullName..etc.  In order to match QuickBooks list items such as Customers, Accounts, and Classes with your import data you should provide the Full Name as it appears in QuickBooks as this is the only unique way of identifying the correct list record.  So in your import data you need to specify the FullName otherwise the item will not be correctly matched in QuickBooks.

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